My name is Kara and I have so many things I want to share with you! I have come to realize that I just want to be the best version of myself and a responsible planet Earth occupant. A healthy one, too, so I can live a long time exploring and enjoying my days. I absolutely know I’m not the only one, so, here I will share with you the 411 on food, nutrition, natural beauty remedies, my favorites products, recipes, ideas for creativity & expansion, my thoughts and more.

When I was younger, I would have bet money I would have been an engineer somewhere building bridges and manipulating numbers. Somehow my interest and – lets be honest – dedication didn’t stick and engineering just wasn’t for me. College was the first bit of freedom I had, and I’ll just say there were lots of distractions along the way! Trying to get out of collage as quickly as I could (to please the parents, ha!) and without any plans, I left school with a Mathematics degree and headed to La La Land, aka Los Angeles. Yep, I still am wondering how the math degree will come in handy besides the random time where I need to add up how much money is coming and going… I don’t think I needed the entirety of the degree to do that! However, I took a yearlong global climate change and a few nutrition classes along the way that definitely got me started, interested and absolutely more aware of the world we live and the body we live in. I think before that I was still living in the small-town world in which I came from – Idaho, I will always adore you! However, I am so glad I started the exciting process of expanding my vision.

That interest in expansion turned into studying Holistic Nutrition – becoming aware of food, health and my internal world on a very natural level. It allowed me to understand the choices I have, and what the outcomes might be like, at least health-wise. There was a lot of cooking and food exploration involved, so next step that took years to figure out was to go back to school, yet again, for Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts. The nerd in my likes understanding and knowing how to do things. I was sprouting, making my own nut/seed milks, baking up a storm, dehydrating, fasting, doing juice cleanses, trying different diets like vegan, paleo or grain-free, and so much more. I was and am just trying to find the way where I feel my best – thru many trials!

The more knowledge I come across about how harmful certain lifestyles, products and environments can be, the more I have an “I want something better for me and the planet” attitude. I would love for you to be apart of my community so you can become part of the conversation when it comes to nutrition, wellness & lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy!