Clean Air, Don’t Care

Imagine yourself in the mountains. It’s a clear morning, birds are chirping, the air is crisp and clean and you’re surrounded by trees, wild flowers and greenery as far as the eye can see…away from any smog or pollution and everything artificial. You pause and take a deep breath of that clean mountain air.

Ahhhh! So refreshing, right?

But let’s face it; clean mountain air just isn’t in the cards for all of us, especially us big city folk.

But alas, clean air is not impossible!

We cannot control the cleanliness of all the air we breathe but we can absolutely have a hand in the air we breathe in our home. Here are a five things to add or swap that will make a big difference in air care quality assurance in your home (or office).

  1. Change your household cleaning products to natural ones. Dish soap, counter top sprays, air misters, body washes and more can contain unnatural chemicals that get into the air when used – and when we breathe those chemicals get into our lungs and are awaiting to being transported around our bodies. There are so many choices for natural products at the markets and easy recipes for DIY cleaning products; it’s just about making that change. Start by replacing the next empty item with an eco and air friendly version of what you’re already using. Get crafty with white vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils and/or baking soda for DIY products.
  2. Add some plants around the house. Plants are amazing at filtering the air and a turning carbon dioxide into oxygen…hello 7th grade science class! Plus, having plants in the house will be sure to boost your mood. Don’t forget to show them love by talking or touching them…nobody will judge you if you name them either! Check out this article for the best houseplants for cleaning the air.
  3. Filter your air. Last year there were fires all around the LA area and it was hard to get away from that smokiness. Going outside was
  4. Think twice about those scented candles & air fresheners you use when company is over. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency most store bought air fresheners contain formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene & aerosol pollutants. Candles can have heavy metals in the wicks not to mention the chemicals that are released in the air from the wax itself like benzene and toluene that have been known to cause damage tot eh brain, lung and nervous system that is, um… BAD FOR YOUR BODY! Ever walk by a store that carries cheap scented candles and you get an instant headache? Don’t worry; there are plenty of natural options! Organic & natural candles are the way to go. Wild Beautiful Free and Diptuque are great choices for candles, to name a few. If you don’t have a diffuser, I highly recommend it for using essential oils. And a very inexpensive way to add scent to your home without any harm is to burn incense, palos santos or sage.
  5. Open your windows. Air can get stuffy and stagnant inside. Get some airflow by opening up your windows or cracking a door for a little bit of freshness.

It’s no mountain air, but it is a step in the right direction! Happy breathing.



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