Detox in the Morning With This

Those who know me personally know that being healthy (mind, body and spirit) is extremely important to me. It sounds silly, but this is the body I have right now, and I want to be good to it. The more knowledge I gain on how food, stress, exercise and even intention setting effects the body, especially on a cellular level, the more I practice these techniques for myself. Some of this information has taken me years to learn and I want to share as much of this knowledge with the people around me. Naturally, I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people – it’s so important to do this to have a support system and have friends to encourage you to be your best self. Hence, why I am sharing this with you! We are all different so what works for me, may not work for you, but with the information, you can make up your own mind!

This year, I am committed to sharing my knowledge, hoping that you will take what works for you and have it become part of your ritual. Some will be recipes, articles, tips and/or questions to think about for you.

Tip one: don’t overwhelm yourself! We often put expectations on ourselves that can be daunting and feel like a chore versus a choice, adding more stress, ugh! January is often a time to map out the year and set intentions, often lofty, which has probably lost some steam by now. For example, going to the gym 5 days at 6AM for an hour before work…and when we only go 3 times, it’s a “failure.” I’ve recently heard on a couple of podcasts say a better strategy is aiming for 3 days a week for 30 minutes (because we’ll probably stay longer than 30 minutes anyways) and feeling the SUCCESS.! And if that turns into 5 days a week, another success, woo hoo! We feel great – not only for hitting are goals, but even surpassing it. SO, lets lower our goals a little, get some success going and those feel-good feelings, and raise your baseline a little at a time. Seems manageable, right?

So in keeping up with my own advice, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by the thought of all this work that has to go into sending out a newsletter, my tip for the day is to start your morning off with hot lemon water. Cold water often shocks the body first thing in the morning and causes our insides to tense up and work hard first thing in the morning to warm the water up to body temperature. Show some love to your body by taking some of the internal work off the checklist, at least for your first cup of water. And because we’re all drinking water first thing in the morning, right?!

The fresh lemon added to the water acts as a detoxifier. Even though lemons are acidic in nature, once they get into your body, they actually help alkalize the body and bring it back to a more balanced ph. Most people’s diets are highly acidic, so drinking hot (or warm) lemon water will help balance out the body, especially on an empty stomach, i.e., first thing in the morning. Easy peasy!

P.S. drinking lemon water first thing is so important for a mini daily detox and drinking lemon water, or having lemon throughout the day can also be helpful. But try not to overdue it so much that you get sick of it and don’t want to do it in the morning, because morning lemon water is muy importante!

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